Permanent Install Question

I am considering replacing the instrumentation in my car with a tablet/Realdash app. When I do so, it will be permanently mounted with trim around it. How would I deal with the On/Off switch? Does the app power down when the key is turned off? Does it power back on when the key is turned on? Are there other considerations that I should consider before using Realdash for my permanent gauges?


I solved this buy using an Android based car head unit rather than a tablet. Those are designed to turn on and off with the car.

I bought a similar unit. It seems to me that all of the builds I see are using Bluetooth for connectivity. I would rather use the USB connection, because my guess is that I may want to use Blutooth for connecting my phone for music and podcasts etc through the audio system. And a wired connection just sounds more reliable.

I am interested what experience those in this forum have using USB connections and if there is a OBD2 USB interface that wil work better with Android devices than another.

I have Chinise android head unit and can confirm that Bluetooth phone and speeduino serial conexion work at the same time. Also have reald dash working on two conections one bletooth paired with speeduino ecu and one usb conection for arduino realdash can protocol.

I am using USB with my android head unit as well, did not want to rely on bluetooth as this is my only dash.