PID 0x0103 Fuel System Status

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I have been trying to add PID 0x0103 to RealDash by amending the odb xml file, but not having a great deal of success. Originally, I tried assigning this to Enginebit: Closed Loop Active (395) and also tried this on Dummy 01 (93), but not able to get any response, although I can manually send 0103 and can see the appropriate bits are showing i.e. in closed loop. Any advice for newbie, most welcome.

The function appears quite complex according to the description below, but I am just looking for confirmed closed loop value =2

Service 01 PID 03 - Fuel system status [edit]

A request for this PID returns 2 bytes of data. The first byte describes fuel system #1. The second byte describes fuel system #2 (if it exists) and is encoded identically to the first byte. The meaning assigned to the value of each byte is as follows:

Value Description
0 The motor is off
1 Open loop due to insufficient engine temperature
2 Closed loop, using oxygen sensor feedback to determine fuel mix
4 Open loop due to engine load OR fuel cut due to deceleration
8 Open loop due to system failure
16 Closed loop, using at least one oxygen sensor but there is a fault in the feedback system

I have had some success modifying the odbc.xml file and now have a 0 or 1 result returned from the PID but for some reason it won’t toggle an indicator (I have tested the indicator by using turn right signal with simulator as input and its works fine), but when assigned to below the indicator stays on whether the incoming result is 0 or 1?

command send=β€œ0103” skipCount=β€œ2” targetId=β€œ236” conversion=β€œB0” enum=β€œ0:0,1:0,2:1,3:0,4:0,8:0,16:0,#:err”

By way of an update, I managed to get this working, I had mistakenly assumed the enum function was reassigning the value i.e. 0:0,1:0,2:1,4:0,8:0,16:0 and it did not create an on/off binary value, but I think enum is assigning a text value.

Instead, I set the visibility of the image gauge warning value to be 2 and set the normal / critical values as invisible (opacity zero), works a treat image is visible when engine is in closed loop.

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Happy to hear you found a solution. True, enum is interpreted as text value. Actually, I will change this to set both, numeric and text value.