PIP displaying the second application

Many applications like Google translator or youtube can be collapsed to PIP. I’m interested in the question of adding a separate sensor, along with all the others, so that inside the RD one could open a miniature application from the list of installed ones, which can be PIP.
So that this sensor has the same customizable parameters as the image sensor (mask, color, position, size, etc.)

I don’t think applications have any control over how PIP apps are rendered by the OS.

I’m not sure about this either. But when I display a simple launcher application, I can adjust the window position and size of the third party application in the smali file. And the launcher is a regular app that just has a few extra settings…
I’ll try to find documentation for this API if you’re interested?
Because this feature has been requested by several users and can get a lot of interest.

Those who read this forum can confirm under this post whether it is worth bothering or not?

+Yes of course

Before you get too excited, I have to say that this is not a technical direction we want to take RealDash in. Instead, we would like to minimize the dependencies from OS features to make RD work pretty much exactly the same on all supported platforms. This would be OS specific feature that still would have limited use and may be technically very difficult to achieve reliably.

So currently we do not plan on adding this into our todo list.