Pitch and roll gauges

Would it be possible to add pitch and roll gauges like the ones you see in off roaders, or at least pitch and roll inputs?

I think in our Warmachine gizmo we used device accelerometer values to achieve rolling compass. Give it a try.

I had stuff like this in mind

Greetings to Jani. I’m trying to create a sensor that is used in Warmachine, but I don’t find similar functionality in any of the available sensors to replicate the device in “warmachine”. I would like to have a similar sensor for adjusting roll and pitch! Thank you. Or explain how to set it up?

The 3D model on the Warmachine is not available outside of that dash, but you should be able achieve the level sensor with needle gauge attached to the accelerometer inputs.

Thank you for such a quick response. I am able to do it. Does this mean that I have to use two different needle sensors? in different places? or is it possible to create one on top of the other?

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Sure, use some transparency on the gauges and place them on top of each other.

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good afternoon question bought different skins I can somehow install a program with android on tire pressure sensors in them , if possible , how can I register them there ? I want to buy on Aliexpress, but I think it’s possible or not?

Possible, yes. The Dasaita external TPMS module and Tiremagic CAN stream are supported directly. In practise, any TPMS system that can be connected to CAN can be made to work (<- a lot of CAN)

Good afternoon. I understood. And the question. With the module there is a program on a flash drive. How to combine it with realdash? So that it would be displayed in the dashboard. Is there any video how to combine or combine both programs? If there is a video, I would appreciate it. And another question. Can I also register a program with a map navigator in realdash? If this is possible, please tell me how?) I’m making a dashboard on a SMART451 I want to install it all there. Thanks for the support.

smart 451 - YouTube

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