Pizza style gauge images

I feel like there should be an option to do pizza style gauge background images that can scale with the ranges given on the input value.
To help explain myself, I’ve provided visual aids. (Albeit not very good ones)
Let’s say we have a gauge with a different images in the normal, warning, and critical ranges, and an extra one for a background.
The normal one is A, warning is B, critical is C, and the extra one is D.
Normally it would look like this:
But in what I like to call pizza mode they would look like this.
In pizza mode, each image is cut into a slice like a pizza(hence the name)that varies in size based on the ranges that are set in the inputs and values tab. This could make more complex designs easier and make completely new ones possible. I think it’s a pretty good idea. I hope you consider adding it.

If I understand you right, I believe you can achieve this same effect by simply using multiple arc-gauges.

If you look closely, even with one sensor you can choose your image for your range of values! and some photoshop!