Popup Gauge


RealDash run in background

if I use a third-party application “Yandex Navigator” is there any way to show the Gauge on top of this third-party application/

Can we use popup Gauge? if talk other


RealDash does not perform background calculations, in my opinion, but this is not accurate! Previously, it was not possible to implement this!

Oh. we will wait for the response of the main developer of RealDash

While technically this could be possible we have not implemented windowing support for RealDash as it will mess up all the UI and dashboard designs. We just do not have resources to re-develop all dashboards and UI for windowed screen sizes.

Sorry - i was not clear, i made foto litte latter as i see popup Gauge. Please wait.

Primary target - we kill poroblem with navigation tolallity - (other 3d navi app and popup Gauge RealDash)


If it you created your own ui with realdash maybe it is the way to add all the components.

By the way, when we are working in the background, we do not need any stripes or scales, a text field with a stroke and a transparent background will be enough, then I can see the speed and engine speed, on top of a third-party navigation application,
After all, this is what has been asked for for several years.
Please consider the option with digital indicators at the top. No graphics or tainted premium panels! Widgets only!

Yes, widget would be very useful.

Jani, you may consider giving Realdash Special App Access → Display over other apps permission in Android.

I wish it would be that simple. The entire graphics pipeline is custom, so attaching it to different Android views is not that straight forward. Doable though.

I hear you, will investigate this, but no promises.

And for API > 23, i.e. Android M, need to request permission in the main Activity:
Intent intent = new Intent(Settings.ACTION_MANAGE_OVERLAY_PERMISSION, Uri.parse(“package:” + getPackageName()));
startActivityForResult(intent, ANY_GET_INT);

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Take a look at some of the code I posted above. Perhaps he would help make this possible!

There is also an example of adding a plugin


Unfortunately this is not going to go into development. We have plans to make distance to Google, and not to add anything that makes RealDash more dependent on Google services.