Potential Setup - Review Please

Hey everyone, long time lurker/researcher first time posting.

I’m trying to brain storm a setup before starting to order parts and hoping to get some insight as this would be a first project of its type for me.

Background: Have 2 project cars in the works, a 1989 Nissan GTR and a 1997 Camaro z28. Both cars are running Haltech 2500 elite ECU’s and wanting a dash to integrate and display data - at this point were not looking for the dash to feed information backwards or control anything, just wanting it to display ECU data. Neither car has an OBD setup for transmitting data so we’re hoping to do it via CAN data directly from the ecu.

Proposed setup:
Odroid N2+ for the main board. This seems to be one of the faster options, supports android or linux. Has a sleep mode (I believe?), and would be ideal as the vehicles these will be used in are not daily drivers so having a low power state mode is essential, and should be better for boot up times to display the dash? I’ve been trying to follow the current threads regarding Odroid and Linux GPIO. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated as this is not my strong suit.

ATTiny85 - I’ve seen people use Arduinos to power on/off their Raspberry Pi setups, and was hoping to do something similar with the ATTiny85 for putting the Odroid to sleep/waking it up. The goal here would be to save the vehicle battery. Idea would be to run a watchdog timer - Sleep, wait, wake, check for voltage from a source on the car, if no voltage back to sleep and repeat, if voltage is detected wake up the N2?

As for a CAN Adapter, I have no idea what the best bet here is. I cant use the OBDlink ones as the ecu isn’t fed into any OBD port. Haltech runs CAN over a 4wire setup, Hi, Low, Power, Ground I believe? Of the supported CAN Adapters they appear to have inputs for 3 wire, so I’m not certain which one would be my best bet?

Any help is greatly appreciated and I apologize for anything in this post duplicated or already discussed. I’ve been trying to scour through existing threads but there is a ton of them,


One thing to point out is that CAN adapters do not need power and ground, you just use the CAN H and CAN L lines for the adapter. I think the Seedstudio style CAN adapter is the way to go as it has pretty good data rate.