I finished the development and started mass production for VW PQ25, Polo Sedan 2011-2019, Polo Hatchback 2009-2014, Skoda Rapid 1, Amarok 2010-2016.

and video


video in driving - https://youtu.be/U--HUOlQxYI



install video

What computer are you using to run this?

this on base series4 - i use amlogic 9853

but in nearest future i start made series5 on base UIS7862 + 130x308 BOE Hi Bright display - only 200 USD for sets PCB + Display
prototipe on my youtube

I really like it, and am interested in learning more. How big is the LCD that you are using?

Hi quality 1920 x 720 850 nit 110 x 260 mm

AliExpress.com - Maintaining … 8692232281

OK, I’m using a 310mm wide LCD, with multiple inputs. Currently planning on HDMI. My problem has been finding a suitable SBC to run it all, and work properly in a car. I have it working on a bench, but it hasn’t been reliable enough for me to put into a car, yet.

Are you using Linux or Android? Are you willing to sell or share your computer solution?

please see it, in nearest furure i update foto and give full info about this playform - i think made open for all