premium dash on android car PC

We are seeing issue with purchased premium dash that is loaded on car head unit. then when PC is powered down, restarting, says dash is only for purchase and will not launch-lunches default dash instead. But when we manually use file, load, and select dash- it comes in fine and runs fine. But we must do this each time we power down PC;

these are joying decks, android 8 ish. This is a recent issue. also, these head units may not be internet connected at time…

It sounds like device is not saving the status of the purchases. I just ordered one of those Joying devices so I can test as soon as it arrives.

Have you tried uninstall/install, if this is a update related issue?

It seems happen more when dash is powered down completely; after 3 days the dash will totally turn off and reboot.

Once it comes up, realdash says I dont own this dash and shows default dash. BUt when I manually load it, it works fine. we have seen it in last few months.

That is about the same time when Google forced us to update to the latest billing library, plaah :cry:

Any update?

No, have not got into it yet.

I was not able to reproduce this problem, but found something which is timing related that could have caused this. Please try 1.9.1-beta1 if you still experience this problem.