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I purchased realdash on my android tablet and also the new boss premium dash. I plan to purchase realdash for my windows 10 tablet, but I am wondering if I can transfer the premium dash over without repurchasing. I transferred the rd file over but it says “not purchased for this user”.

I would like to do the editing and customization on my windows tablet (easier with keyboard and mouse) then transfer back to android. So purchasing the premium dash twice I don’t think will work for this


Yes, the premium dashboard purchased from Google does not work on Microsoft or Apple products. This is strictly forbidden on each store rules (cross selling). If we would give you free product on Windows when you have paid it to Google, Microsoft would kick us out of their store, and vice versa. Its like buying a game for Playstation will not give you free version for XBox. They all want their share of the pie. I hope you understand that this is out of our hands.

Another option is My RealDash ( subscription which opens all premium content on all platforms (Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, OSX).

Is it possible to customize the boss dash with xml file and import the changes on both platforms?

The .rd file itself is exactly the same on all platforms so in that sense, yes.

Hello. I purchased a premium Dash on my Android device. If a removed the Realdash and install it again, I will lose the premium dash?

No, you will not lose your purchases. You just have to use the same Google account when re-installing and then use the ‘Settings->Other’ Restore Purchases option.


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