Problem connecting realdash radio android bmw f30

Hello, I have a BMW F30 with an Android radio, I follow the steps in Realdash to connect the OBD and it only says connecting, it does nothing else, I have a cheap Elm327 without envargo the cheap Elm327 I connect the Realdash with the cell phone and it does work but it I tried with the Chinese android radio and the realdash recognizes that there is an obd2 bluetooth but it stays connecting and does nothing, and I have gone crazy looking for a way to connect and I no longer know if the problem is with the elm327 or the bluetooth of the radio, Ahh that same cheap elm327, I connect it to another Mitsubishi Asx car with another Chinese android radio and I connect it with realdash and if it works, this Chinese radio says that it has two chips for bluetooth, one for bluetooth calls and audio and another for the obd torque, but in my BMW F30 there is no way to connect the cheap elm327 with the realdash

Hard to say what could be wrong, but in many Android headunits the Bluetooth stack is broken. See this FAQ:

Problems with Android headunits - General / Frequently Asked Questions - RealDash Forum

I don’t know if this is a case with your device, but you could try with high quality USB OBD2 adapter instead of Bluetooth:

What Adapter shoud I use? - Connectivity / OBD2 - RealDash Forum

I have been looking at the obd2 with usb and it has raised a question in me, because I have not seen that the obd2 by usb is compatible with android. I have seen that it says compatible with Windows, will they be compatible with the android radio? Will they be able to connect with the android Of the radio?

Don’t know where you got that information, but USB connections have always been supported on RealDash Windows, Android and Linux versions.

Apple is an exception to this as they do not allow generic USB connections with their devices.

I have been racking my brain downloading and installing different versions of realdash on many forums and internet pages, I don’t know why versions below 2.0 (for example 1.93 or 1.80) DO connect to the ELM327 that I have of the cheap ones, but When I install 2.0 and subsequent versions up to 2.3.6 it does NOT connect to the bluetooth it stays connecting and never connects. I have come to the conclusion that with the new versions there is incompatibility between the application, the bluetooth of the radio and the elm327 Could it be the new versions of realdash that have become incompatible with connecting the radio’s Bluetooth or is it something else that I don’t understand? But the strange and strange thing is that the same elm327 on another Android radio does work with the new version 2.3 .6

In summary, the new versions on my radio DO NOT work with the cheap elm327 but the old versions DO (very strange) but on other Android radios in another car the new version works, my radio that does not work with the new version is a BMW F30 with screen snapdragon 662 android 13 v1.4.8