Problem with Speeduino + HC-05 - dropouts?

Hi there

I have just built the speeduino for my Civic project and have got it communicating with Tunerstudio over Bluetooth (HC-05 module) fine. Now I am trying to connect Realdash to it (was previously using a combination of OBD-2 with the stock ECU and Realdash CAN for the lights/indicators etc).

It connects fine but seems to drop out and reconnect every 10 seconds or so!

Any ideas? The HC-05 is configured with the correct baud rate (115200).

I do have a plan B which is to setup an Arduino to communicate with the Speedy over Serial3 and then forward the data to Realdash using Realdash CAN, but it’s a bit faffy and I wanted to use Serial3 for a GPIO board instead.


Sorry - I just uploaded the log file showing the issue.

I don’t think it’s the adaptor as I setup a 2nd arduino with the REALDASH-CAN code, connected the same module and it connects fine via BT and will send data all day - however I can’t go this route as I discovered the Serial3 output from Speedy doesn’t include the VSS data and I need the speed on my dash. So I think it must be a problem with the Speeduino code in Realdash.

I am using 202202 firmware.

It’s weird as it will stay connected for a while and appear to work and then suddenly drop out and reconnect.

Any ideas?

Thank you

The debug log you sent does not show it connected to your Speeduino at all. Just timeout and reconnect every 5 seconds.

I will send another one, just a moment.

I’ve sent another one - this one definitely spans a time when it connected and disconnected. I have a video too if I can work out how to get it to you - let me know if you want to see it.

Unfortunately the log file is not very helpful :frowning:

13.6.2022, 11:42:42.498: Speeduino: found ochBlockSize '122'
13.6.2022, 11:43:14.116: SerialComms::HandleReadTimeout 5000 ms: calling observer OnSerialReadTimeout

So, it connects and then after 32 seconds timeouts not having received anything in 5 seconds.

Thanks for looking into it. I tried installing MsDroid (same tablet, same BT adaptor) and the connection seems to be stable. Realdash does the same thing, drops out and reconnects all the time. Not sure what is going on, I’m rather sad as I really like all the features of RD but I need it to work with Speedy as that is what will be in the car going forward.

I’m using a Kindle Fire tablet if that makes any difference - latest APK downloaded from My Realdash. It does have all the google play services installed.

Is there anything else we can try to get to the bottom of it or would I be best off looking at other options?

I have two HC-05 modules so I suppose I can try swapping the module out.

Just confirmed it does exactly the same with another HC-05 module.

Someone else on the Speeduino FB group is reporting the same issue with 202202 firmware. It apparently isn’t doing it with older firmware. I’m reluctant to downgrate the firmware so I’m looking into pulling the data over serial3 instead and sending it on using the Realdash CAN protocol - apparently you can request the data a different way over serial3 to get the full dataset.

Thank you

Ok, hope you find a way around this. I would look this deeper but we do not have a Speeduino to test on :frowning: All our development on Speeduino has been done ‘blindly’ with community support. But this sort of a problems are very difficult to troubleshoot remotely.

I understand - being a developer myself I can only imagine what a nightmare it is trying to troubleshoot problems on hardware you don’t actually have in-house.

Not sure if anyone’s ever mentioned but if you have an Arduino Mega you can upload the speedy firmware to it - there are also open-source stimulators that you can use to test engine parameters. But I also know how busy you are so I’m not expecting you to do this just to solve my problem :smiley:

So far it’s all coming together with my CAN converter setup that pulls data over S3 and sends it on to Realdash over Realdash-CAN, so I think I can confidently say we have a workaround for the time being. Thank you for all your help.