Му project needs help. Need to find XML FORD

Hello everyone. We are collecting an interesting project based on a Wrangler with a motor and electrics from a Ford transit 2.4tdi .

I bought a obdlink mx + to work with realdash on Can. But I need a Can Description XML file to work properly. I am not a programmer and it is still difficult for me to understand this.
I am looking for an XML file for ford or someone who can help with this issue.

This would be extremely helpful as i have a mk6 transit 2.4 that im customising and would like to fit a digital display.

I have the later digital read out on my clocks and looking at the wiring it shows CAN wires from the clocks. On the OBD plug it only has wires @ pin 2 and pin 10.

Its listed as SAE J1850 PWM