Project started, please help :)

Hi There

So, unfortunately i have not received any xml file in my other topic ([Link])(XML File for Opel / Vauxhall)

but i have managed to connect to my cars canbus today.

I am using a chinese (seeed clone?) CAN to USB adapter. After linking into my cars canbus system and choosing the right baudrate i can see a lot of stuff going on using the “CAN Monitor” button after setting up the connection via OTG Cable on my android tablet. Do i still need to use a arduino?

there is no useful data as soon as i change back to the Dashboard view, everything is basically turned off. I assume that i now need to sniff for every single Canbus hex parameter and then create a xml file.

Did i miss anything? Is there any kind of default xml that i can use to start? apparently all the XML Files i find are either for a aftermarket ECU or just the Wrong Brand/Model for my car.

Any help is much appreciated.

If you are just starting, then why not use the standard OBD2 files first, as this is generic you might find it easier, if you are looking at going down the CAN route, then you either need the DBC file for the car, or using a sniffer to analyse the can data and build you own, it takes patience as you need to review each ID and try and work out what each bit is doing, buttons are easy as you can spot a change in 1’s and 0’s but working out id’s that contain temperatures is a lot harder.

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i have no issue in using the OBD2 files. The purpose why i wanted to use the CANBUS ID’s is to get my indicators, hazard lights and everything “non-engine-related” to be shown in the dash as well.

Is there any way to combine the information from a generic OBD2 File into a custom xml that can be added with the indicator paramenters etc. later?

Not really as OBD2 data is usually sent on a request receive basis, where as CAN data is broadcast all the time. You will need to sniff the CAN bus and look for changing values as you operate the various buttons.


Great news, i just saw that you can actually add the indicators PID to a Generic XML File :slight_smile: This is great news for me, since most of the “body” related stuff i miss is available through buttons.