PWM Arduino 2 Way [Is it possible? If not please add]

Hi there,
Actually tinkering with my center consol screen where I would like to display some valuable infos, but primarily control my climate! I’ve been reading everywhere but do not seem to find an easy way to generate at least 4 PWM signals! I could use 4 toggled pins with a secondary Arduino to generate and change a PWM valu depending on which input is pulled HIGH! This would work for a 5 speed fan, but I also have independent temperature control for passenger and driver, plus ventilation direction that could benefit from the fan speed technic but, each temp control has 26 degrees steps, 52 pins if you want to respect every degrees. Even if I could go by 5 degrees incrementation this would cost 10 pins! If you see what I mean! If someone could point me to the direction I could do my best to understand and learn then share! I am kinda learning everything at the same time so went to photoshop and started a rough design of something I saw on internet that would suite me just fine! Hope I could get some lights here! Oh and I have been trying to integrate some buttons and text into a container so I could animate them but still no luck! Ill keep up with the coffee and share as soon as I “succeed” or NOT!

You need to use analog pins for that.

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Thank you will give it a try,. Been trying to understand how the Analog pins I thought was only inputs, that in my self Arduino learning course could be used to do that! And noticed there should also be a pulled down resistor because Arduino is very noise sensitive when read from! This gives me hope for my climate central console that I have been graphically working on for 2 days now, will share new design soon. Thank you so much for all the New Bs!

New Central console, been on it all night, now its time for some pin testing…

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Still cannot get it to work, digital is fine, but having a hard time with the analogs I went back to square one with untouched sketch except from defining READWRITE_PINS and still doesn’t work :thinking:

I’m sorry, but we just do not have resources to help on custom hardware :frowning:

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Yeah sure that I know, but is it possible the something is wrong in the sketch! I’m using a simple Arduino Nano for now, no custom yet with original files!

You could try a Raspberry PI since the pins are integrated with the board. I have been working to turn my screen on and off using one of the GPIO pins when RD sees the car is on or off. I’m running a Raspberry Pi 5 with a waveshare 10.4 screen that might be a good route to go. The setup is compact and super clear screen and touchscreen.


Thank you for those valuable informations, I have a look! :ok_hand:t5: