Question about android version

is it possible to plus a dongle or something like that in android tablet to read and send CAN frame ?
because, I want to use the Android version without Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. I need it via USB with an automotive USB CAN interface like a Peak CAN PCAN-USB: PEAK-System
Or any else I can plug into USB, because I have a project with 3 screen and with Bluetooth and obdlink mx+ it’s bug when I plug 3 of it on same CAN network, so I search for alternative with USB and Android to be physically connect

Like this?

I think CAN Analyzer from Seeedstudio is cheapest enough.

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yes but i want to be sure i can plug into a tablet and use it with android

Seeedstudio CAN adapter works fine on Android.

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Note: I have a 95, so no OBD2. Link ECU.

I wired my can signal into a OBD2 connector so that I could use an OBD2 style adapter. This allowed me to still charge my tablet.

Here is the adapter I used

Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+


i have tested it and Yes it’s a better experience with RD and CAN BUS. The only one bug, we need a modified usb cable to charge and use the device at same time.

Hey @psedog , I also use an OBD2 BT adapter (Vgate) and run RD on an Android tablet. Can you explain how you wired your CAN signal into the OBD2 connector and still charge the tablet. Will this solution work on all cars? I have a BMW 3 series and keen to get this working.


Get the OBD2 adapter that I linked. That one is Bluetooth. They also have wifi models. Then you can charge like normally as you aren’t using OTG.

My Vgate also has BT and I have no issues charging now. I am wondering what you meant by “I wired my can signal into a OBD2 connector so that I could use an OBD2 style adapter”.

How did you get the CAN signal from the car while using OBD2? Currently my trip kmpl coming from OBD2 is not accurate hence was looking a CAN solution while still using OBD2, if that is what you meant.

If your vehicle has CAN, you can wire it directly to OBD2 port pins 6 and 14.

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I am sure it has a CAN bus, but I don’t know how to wire it.

@kelly you need to use the CAN Analyser and plug CAN-L to pin14 and CAN-H to pin 6 of the OBD2.
After that, to be able to charge at the same time to read CAN with the CAN Analyser, you need a special USB cable with a resistor connected at the sense of the UBS connector to the ground of the tablet or android phone to the ground of it.
The resistor you require is specific to the tablet. Example: I use 2 model here, one Lenovo M7 and I require a 51k Ohm. On the other model, the Lenovo M8, I require a 18k Ohm.

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The adapter that I linked can connect via CAN protocol with my ECU. That’s what I was referencing. I don’t know if your adapter can or not. Connecting via CAN makes it a real time signal. Other protocols tend to add a delay.

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