Question about multiple instances on singular Raspberry Pi 4 b

Good day,
I’m interested in retrofitting an older style instrument cluster with two circular OLED displays connectors to a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.

My question is to figure out if it’s possible to display two different set of realdash applications for different screens.

I read through wiki (RealDash | Manuals | Data Multicast) and I’m aware of multicast. What I’m trying to confirm is that via multicast I would be able to use my singular CAN to USB device and then display two screens completely separate of each other.

Sorry for the possible waste of a post, just trying to get clarification and confirmation that this is in fact the function of multicast.

Best Regards.

If you are running two RPis I think best option would be to use two CAN-USB adapters (one each RPi) and run them 100% independently.

As RPi4 has dual HDMI output, you could also run only one RPi and extend the desktop to your dual circular screens.

All-in-all, I don’t think you need multicasting in this case, unless another instance has access to data that other has not.

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