Quit Application trouble

For sometime i have been trying to use Quit Application action in my setup as a way of putting my stupid android board into sleep but havent been able to get it done.
Im using VIM3L and android 9 and in quit application i tried many different package names but none seem to work.

Is this the correct package name ? com.napko.RealDash

Can you guys test this function to see if i am doing something wrong or the function is broken ?
thank you

If you search in khadas forum, there is a guy called Dave made a custom ROM for vim3 does what you ask for. I don’t know if it works with VIM3L or not.


Launch application Action is working fine but quite application is not working. Any special trick here?

I fixed the Quit Application action in a way that if parameter is empty, action will close RealDash.

Will be in next release.

Not sure if this is related to this or not, working with an arduino that is loaded with your test sketch and setting a digital pin to app startup, something that I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t turn off when the application is shutdown.

Not exactly sure what you mean, but there is a undocumented feature that you can shut down RealDash by writing a negative value to ‘Calculated Values->App Uptime’ (targetId 91). This is working on current version per our tests.

I tried the targetid91 and it works, however is there a way that it just quits without having that 5sec count down timer and statics page ? this will not work well in-cases where ignition switch is cycled again within that 5sec period and the whole system goes out of sync again (in my case atleast because im using stupid vim3l and lots of tricks to make it sleep and wake up)

I did talk to that guy and he does have a vim3l version, however he uses the power button for sleep and wake function and not GPIO, i tried a lot with my arduino mega to control the power button for both sleeping and turning it back on but often the whole thing goes out of sync where on is off and off is on so i had to jump my power button and have an external physical button outside my dash incase it went out of sync and that wasnt nice.

Not an easy issue bro.

I hope you will figure it out.

Good luck

can we have an option to limit the count-down to zero seconds Jani ? so we can get an immediate app shutdown once all conditions are met instead of waiting 5seconds and getting the statics page ?

I can take a look. There must be some delay in case of shutdown from charging event as they may be pulsating at some cases.

RealDash 2.0.8 has an option to adjust shutdown timer. Go to Settings->Application->2nd page->Shutdown Delay.

thank you :smiley: