range is still not true

I send the fuel level in liters from 0L to 50L in this case 42L, at ID = 201 (OBD FUEL LEVEL)
but in quick settings (gear below) the fuel is 19.6 L and my “Range” indicator = 70km before refueling.
Explain in detail where and in what form to send the fuel level, so that the “Range” parameter depends on my fuel level and fuel consumption?

You need to map your OBD2 fuel level to body fuel level in settings. The Fuel level in quick settings is always the calculated fuel level value and has no meaning when fuel level info comes from another source.

OK. thank.

Currently, in settings-input mapping I have:

OBD2: Fuel level IS SET FROM Fuel Level (Calc).

Can you explain what you mean by the above, because my range is also not very accurate. It’s mostly on the lower side compared to actual.

All our dashboards use Body Electronics->Fuel Level is input for fuel gauge. Fuel level can come from multitude of different sources, like from OBD2, custom hardware, ECUs etc. So it is recommended that you use input mapping:


So is this what I should do:

  • Go to ‘Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping’

  • Tap ‘Add’

  • Select ‘Body Electronics: Fuel Level’ and tap ‘Select Input’

  • Select ‘ECU Specific-> OBD2: Fuel level’ and tap ‘Select Input’

Now I see ‘Fuel Level IS SET FROM OBD2: Fuel level’ on mapping list.


  • Select ‘Calc Values-> Fuel level (Calc)’ and tap ‘Select Input’

Now I see ‘Fuel Level IS SET FROM Fuel level (Calc)’ on mapping list.

Which is correct?

I always get confused when it comes to Input mapping.

There is no ‘correct’ answer. It depends if you want to show fuel level from OBD2 fuel level, or use RealDash calculated Fuel Level.