Raspberry Pi and GPIO use in Realdash

Hello there,

I’m currently learning Realdash design on a windows PC and that’s going well but for the size of my dash I’d want to use a Raspberry PI for the final item.
I’m wondering if Realdash can use the Pi’s GPIO for things like indicator left and right, Alternator, High Beam and other warning lights plus using the SPI function of the GPIO pins to pull an analogue value in for the Fuel level?
Aftermarket ECU would feed vehicle speed, engine RPM, Coolant temp etc etc but using PI local GPIO for warning lights etc would be far simpler to execute rather than pass to ECU to then put into Realdash.


Yes, The Linux version of RealDash can read the status of Raspberry Pi GPIO pins and those can be mapped to any other input in ‘Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping’

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