Raspberry PI & GPIO

I’ve been searching and have failed to find an answer.

Can RD use the GPIO pins on the raspberry PI, running Lineage OS, directly through the use of any of the inputs listed? I’ve tried several. Or does it require additional hardware/software?

Next version of RealDash enables the GPIO on Android. It uses exactly the same GPIO module as Linux version does. Its still untested if it will work on unrooted device, as gpiomem may be sudo protected on those.


Do you have an ETA on this release?

Aiming for this week.

Hi, My version already has GPIO features, but I am not sure what does PIN # stand for. Is it the sequential pin number on the Pi, or is it the GPIO Pin Number?
Also, how to trigger it - should I short the pin with 3.3 or Ground?

All numbers are sequential pin numbers.

Search for tutorials on how to set up a button with GPIO. Its not just shorting the wires.

Thanks for your reply. Let me check and I’ll update the community

After numerous revisions, ending up using an Arduino board to act as a keyboard.

I am planning to control the dashboard using a steering wheel buttons, which produce a signal of various resistance. I read the resistance on Arduino PIN to figure out which key is pressed, and send the mapped keyboard input via USB. For this purpose I am using the Seeeduino XIAO board, which has USB support (not all arduino boards have), has USB C, and has a very small form factor.

I will update the community re: progress.

Just a quick update for the community…

A) I have installed a new steering wheel with many buttons. Those button circuit boards have been altered to become a resistive circuit. Basic principle, the chain certain resistors for every button press. Based on the resistance value, you can know which button is pressed.

B) I have managed to program seeeduino Xiao to act as an Ohm Meter, to read the resistance.

C) I have managed to program the seeeduino Xiao to act as a keyboard.

Now the proof of concept is done, I will be making a production code and will update further…