Raspberry Pi & Hyperpixel Display

I’m attempting to use a hyperpixel display with a raspberry pi to run realdash. I’m able to get the display working with a desktop environment but when i launch realdash, the display will freeze and fade to white. I thought this might be an OS issue, so i tried with ubuntu. I had the same problem there. I believe this may be because realdash is using the same GPIO pins the display uses? Is there a way to disable the GPIO pins in realdash possibly?

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you

We had similar reports on other add-on devices that use GPIO. RealDash version 2.4.0 should not initialize the GPIO if dashboard has no GPIO linked gauges.

Okay, that’s good to know. I thought I had downloaded the latest version but I’ll double check to confirm that.

I can confirm this is working properly with 2.4.0. Thanks!

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