Raspberry Pi Safe Shut Down

Is there any way to safely shut down the Raspberry Pi without using a button? I mention this considering that the car may stall or shut down for various reasons, thus not allowing time to press a button to shut down the dashboard.

We use one digital pin to indicate if ignition is on/off and a small service that reads the pin to do delayed shutdown for the system. Its doable, but there is no easy solution.

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Can you explain it ?

We have a custom board that takes:

  • constant 12v
  • ignition on 12v
  • ground

When ignition is on, the board connects pins 9 & 11 (may be others, can’t remember) on RPi to indicate that ignition is on. Board also has timed relay to turn off power from RPi 10 seconds after ignition has been switched off.

On RPi, there is a small program running that detects when pin 11 is not grounded and shuts down the OS.


These all don’t need if you use read-only file system. You can instant boot and instant turn off. If you want to save something use /boot for it.

Can you elaborate? Your offering bits of info but not giving all. This is a sharing community is it not.

Hello, with regard tobthe custom board, can we purchase it or something? Thanks.

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Can the timed relay be changed on the software to change the amount of time before shutdown?

Unfortunately this is one off made for our project car.