Raspberry Pi with Realdash

Hi there, anyone can give me clear instructions and steps on how to set up a raspberry pi with the right OS and parameters for settings and how or what do I install to get RD working smoothly , a step by step guide link would be helpful. I’m torn between which OS I could use and what preparations I would need on the OS before I install RD.


If you are unfamiliar with Linux and how to install software into it, Android may be a better and easier solution for you. I think easiest way to get started is to buy a Automotive Android head unit.

As for installing Linux version, instructions are in this topic:

Linux version - General / General RealDash discussion - RealDash Forum

Hi Jani, I have been contemplating buying the linked Android Head Unit (Snapdragong 665 and running Android 12 on 10.25" screen): https://roadtop.com/en-in/products/bmw-3-4-android-stereo-head-unit?variant=43461519671539

If I install RD on it will it show up on the 10.25" screen and pickup the stats from the CANBUS since the HU connects to the CANBUS?

No view can beat a RD dashboard like New Boss.

Unfortunately the build-in CAN on these devices have no public API to read that I’m aware of.