Raspberry, realdash is falling out of my display

Anyone that can give me a hint, if it’s my RPi 4, Realdash, or my cheap 12.1" hdmi display that is struggling:
Everytime I launch Realdash from the desktop, the whole RD dashboard falls down about 5mm on my display, including the startup logo, menus, and exit dialog… Which means that after about 10 launches, I have 50mm black border in top, and can’t see the information in the bottom 50mm.

I have bought a new rpi4 (just in case my old was kind of broken), a fresh install of Raspbian, and the latest Realdash version available for ARM.
The display is running HDMI 1920X1080,
at the moment, but I have tried other resolutions, with no difference (possibly even worse)…

Jan Hallman

Have not encountered anything like that, and I have been using RPI4 on our project ‘DEATHFISH 2’ for a weeks now.

Maybe its running on Windowed mode? Have you tried ‘Settings->Application->Editing’ and press the ‘Full Screen’ button.

I haven’t tried that, will check it out!
Thank you,