RD install on Linux

Hello everyone,

After many driver problems with different operating systems, I’ve now arrived at Armbian_23.5.0 “Bookworm” with the Rock5B.

  • I’m still very new to Linux…- (sorry for my bad english - translatet…)

RD Build =_realdash-mrd_2.2.7-1_arm64.deb

ldd --version shows me 2.36.
apt update/upgrades
sudo apt install libopenal1 libvlc5 libssl1.1 espeak-ng
sudo dpkg -i realdash-mrd_2.2.7-1_arm64.deb

  • are all are executed -

when i open realdash-mrd_2.2.7-1_arm64.deb after download, xarchiver starts.
Contents : 1 file and 2 folders (debian-binary, control.tar.xz and data.tar.xz)

Where do they have to be unpacked so that RD can work (path?) ?
How do I start RealDash?

If you have graphical interface, RealDash is in main menu ‘Graphics’ section. Alternatively after install you can just type in terminal: