RD - Maxxecu Street - Lenovo M8

Hello Guys!

I have some issues, but i don’t know what causing the problem.
I’m using a Lenovo M8 tab, with Maxxecu Street.
So the Maxxecu Street don’t have Bluetooth module, i’m using via usb with an usb-c otg.
I did the settings in RD and started to drive, a few minues later the Tab screen suddenly turnt black and started to reboot. It continued for few days, then i bought an other otg, but it not solved the problem. Sometimes it runs 40 minutes without an issue during i’m driving, sometimes it starting to reboot after i’m turning on ignition.
I’ve checked the cables and connections, baud rate is 921600
If u have any ideas where should i start troubleshooting, i would appreciate
Thank you guys!

There has been problems with MaxxECU USB connection on some Android devices as the connection is somewhat non-standard. Never experienced reboots of the tablet though.

Very hard to say what could be the problem. Do you have an option to test on another Android device?