RD not honoring writeInterval - Link G4x

All of this worked fine on g4+ but as we know g4x has a CAN input timeout. I thought adding the writeInterval would solve it but i’ve tried 100-1000ms and I still get the timeout fault on the ecu end. Anytime I tap on either a DI or AN value up button on my RD, it refreshes the stream and my values show up in the ecu but after the 2 second timeout period it resets back to the no message fault.

I can only assume something in my XML is not allowing the writeInterval to work. FrameId 1004 is my buttons

S2000-Can-Streams-6.xml (4.3 KB)

See the invalid quote marks. Always use a proper editor for XML, like Visual Studio Code, which will show you the syntax errors as you type.

ain’t that a bit* :rofl:

I always use notepad but this time I used an iphone based editor. Good eye!

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