RD Versionsinfo?

Hello everyone,

where can I display the version information in RD?


  • There are 5 RD versions in the download area. 4 of them with the file extension .deb.
    Which is the version for Linux? (I use a Radxa Rock5B)

  • How do I update to the current RD version?

You need to use the one for whatever architecture you are running, what is your hardware?

Hello matt-c205,

many thanks for the answer.
Hardware is a Radxa Rock 5B
Software Linux Armbian 23.08

RD could simply write Win / Android / Linux etc. behind the downloads, then the assignment would be clear…



  1. Where can I find the version information in my installed RD Linux version?

  2. How do I update to the current RD version?

  3. Can I also use the USB connection between Teensy and Rock5B instead of the Rock 5B GPIO to receive data from controllights and sensors in RD (no TTL or serial adapter, - real USB)?

  4. Does this work with the XML file?

So you need one of the .deb with arm in the name, the hf one if your processor has a hardware floating point unit.

The different versions are more todo with CPU architecture than OS.

Version can be seen in Settings β†’ Other β†’ About

Install the new one over the top of the old one.

3 - you should be able to

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