Read analog data and send to real dash

My car hasnt support all can bus data, turn signal, high beam, fuel tank level, and most warning light like seat belt, low fuel level, parking brake, etc,
I need some help to read those values and send them to rp 4

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Oh. Need seek ADC for RealDash. I develop this device, but i in Russia today and shipping unreal hi price.

I used an Arduino as the analogue to digital converter.

I made my own board with a cheap 12V to 5V supply and I added some extra capacitors for noise filtering.

For the 12V inputs like blinkers, high beam, etc. I made voltage divider circuits to drop all of the 12V signals below 5V so the arduino analogue inputs could read them. This only works for 12V on/off signals so just using digital inputs on the arduino for those.

For temperatures, pressures, fuel gauge etc I used the 5V supply that was powering the arduino with some generic sensors and thermocouples wired back to the 0-5V analogue inputs and calibrating the signals within my arduino code.

I also used a voltage divider from the main power to drop below 5V and calibrated that to tell me the battery charge voltage (actually around 13.8V)

It was quite an involed exercise to figure it all out and I barely even understand my own code now a couple of years later.

I then used the Realdash Can adapter example code to set up the date transfer to my Android tablet with realdash app.

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How you connect arduino with Raspberry pi, via usb or Bluetooth, if you can send me the code please

There is an arduino sketch and XML file in the link below. The sketch shows how to create the canframes in Arduino and how to use the XML file to map them to realdash on the device.

You still have to create you own code for algorithms to read the digital and analogue inputs from your car sensors and switches etc.


I tried this sketch, i think 4 entery involved, rpm, ect, throttle position only, doesn’t support other like blinker, parking brake, high beam, etc

It is just an example to get you started on how you transmit data from device to RealDash.

To extent on that example, you send more frames from the device and update the XML file correspondingly to match the data you are sending to RealDash.