Read data from a Nissan Leaf


Is it possible to have RealDash read CAN data from a Nissan Leaf (electric)? A lot of people are using Leaf motors and batteries to convert other cars to electric. I am wondering if RealDash could be used for these.

If you want to connect directly to CAN, use adapter from Seeedstudio:

Then you need to find/scan the frame ids in CAN stream to identify the individual data and build a XML file that describes the CAN frames for RealDash. It is a big job but can be done.

I will try that.

Hello @Sarphati,

Were you successful to get the Leaf’s data?

My current plan is to order a WiCAN adapter. For automation/alerts send the data to Home Assistant (mqtt) but for dashboards, I was hoping to use RealDash.

lol I just noticed this discussion happened in 2020, not April 2023 :smiley: