Real Dash Aux inputs

I am converting my car from carburetion to Speeduino electronic fuel injection. I want to use Real Dash to replace the vehicle’s old dashboard. Since Speeduino does not capture fuel level, turn signal, and headlights signals, I cannot display this information on Real Dash. I came across the 2SerialToRealDash project on GitHub (GitHub - Autohome2/2SerialToRealdashCAN), which allows capturing these car signals and sending them to Real Dash. However, I couldn’t quite understand the electrical connection details. Has anyone successfully done this or something similar?

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There is another thread going on this topic already. You can buy a few different ready made devices or you can use and Arduino or Raaperry PI and there are a number of threads showong how to do that. Those devices are all 5V operation so you need a circuit board with some voltage dividers and power supply converter etc.

I successfully used Arduino to do it, the basic code and XML data mapping files are on the realdash website here:


I have done this using RD on RPi4. Logic signal ( turn, light, etc) to GPIO RPi4 and analog ( fuel level) through ADC speeduino. Not done jet but working good on table

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Can you explain how you did this?