Real dash freezes when adding connection

I have set my link G4 xtreme to 12hz and 38400 baud rate. I’ve then tried to connect real dash and it freezes or hangs without moving forward after selecting connection. Ie doesn’t advance to screen to choose baud rate just blank, no selection choice.

Any help please?

Is G4 extreme same as G4X? The G4X does not send serial stream and only way to connect to it is a CAN adapter.

No G4 is a legacy version. Prior to g4+.

It is the same as the vipec v88

The only reason I’ve seen this happen is that you have not given RealDash permission to use that USB device. Try this:

  • Disconnect the USB cable
  • Close RealDash completely (wipe it off the task list)
  • Power on your ECU and connect the USB cable to your device
  • RealDash should either start automatically, or Android should show popup question whether to allow RealDash to use this USB device.

If the last point does not happen, then there is something wrong with USB permissions.