Real Dash in 2005 Smart ForTwo

Hi all, i want to build a digital dash in my 2005 smart fortwo cdi car. it has a poor looking standard dash. Iˋm installing a 7" samsung tablet smt280 from 2016. i bought seccond smart dash to disassemble and to keep the original dash intact.
Also need to reattach the origanal meters and indicaters from the original dash. I want tu use the HotTub realdash as the new dash. Because my obd give me only cooling temp and RPM (still looking for more PIDś ) most gauges will be calculated. So far doing some test driveˋs to see if the calculatd messurements are correct.
All the original indicaters wil be rewired and reinstald from the standard dash. The standard dash has to be connected otherwise the car wont start and run.

Looks great :exclamation:

Thanks. Still testing the fuel calculation if this is correct before i mount everything and not run out of fuel when display says i have 5L left. :laughing:

Nice :+1::+1::+1:

Excellent! :exclamation: :smiley: :astonished:

Thanks guts. To bad that Smart have only a part of the data that we need to read out. If someone knows more pids for the Smart I would appreciate.