RealDash android 7" LCD Audi A3 MMI integration

Hello, I have changed the original screen of my Audi for an Android 10 with playstore. This integrates with the Audi MMI of the car and allows me to see open doors, system status, belts, revolutions, etc … In fact there is an APP called a simple dashboard. Is it possible to use this APP and read the data from the connected MMI system without the need for an additional OBD?

We did investigate these vehicle specific Android headunits some time back. At least then, the API to read vehicle data was implemented by the device manufacturers and 3rd party apps did not have access to it. If somebody knows better, please let me know.

I have an OBDEleven too. With this connected all the time, could I use RealDash? is compatible?

OBDEleven is not in our testing cycle, but if it is ELM327 compatible it should work. If you already have that adapter then it does not cost anything to try.