RealDash as a mock location app

I am going to get GPS coordinates on RealDash via the RD-CAN protocol, using an external GPS-UART receiver connected to the Arduino nano.
I have no doubt that this will work.
My question is this:
It would be very nice if RealDash could be installed as an application for fictitious locations, such an option is present in android / settings / for developers / select an application for fictitious locations.
If you added the ability to select RealDash as an application for fictitious locations, then RealDash could share coordinates with other applications when it works in the background.
An example of such a mini GNSS COMMANDER application.
But it is not convenient and works through time …
I can test if add …

And please describe in which target identifiers I can send:
GPS speed
GPS Latitude
GPS Longitude
GPS Altitude
GPS time
And much more?

I also ask you to add inputs to obtain data on cardinal points (compass), in specific to ECU => GPS
You can of course add a sensor in the form of a compass)))