RealDash buy with card

How can I Buy RealDash with Card:

On my RealDash there is space for 16 numbers in the first field for card data.

My bank card only shows the account number, card number, BIC and IBAN, valid until.

Which of my card data belong in which field/what in CVC?

You need a ‘normal’ credit card with 16 numbers. CVC is the check number behind your credit card.

Hello, and thanks for the info!
I would like to subscribe to RD…

What do you mean by “normal credit card”?
My PostBank Girocard (German) only has the following data:
BIC (8 digits, letters only)
IBAN (22 digits, 2 letters, 20 numbers)
Account number (9 digits)
Card number (7 digits)
Valid until (4 digits, numbers)

Which of my data do I have to enter where in order to be able to pay for the RD subscription by card?

Or is my card not supported?

What alternative payment options are there?

You need a credit card which has numbers like this:

No other types of payment are available, sorry :frowning: