Realdash CAN over bluetooth - weird behaviour at higher baud rates?


I am communicating with Realdash over the Realdash CAN protocol with a bluetooth (HM-19) dongle.

Initially I was using 9600 baud but stuff like the indicators flashing is quite slow, so I upped the baud rate on the bluetooth module and changed the one on my arduino script to match. At first it seemed like it was working but intermittently it seems to be receiving garbage data (stuff like the warning lights and fuel gauge flickers all over the place intermittently). I thought I was missing a ground on my pulldown resistors or something so I had my arduino output the status of all the bits via serial debug as a sanity check but they are staying off, so it’s almost like the higher baud rate is confusing Realdash.

How does it determine the baud rate to use for bluetooth serial devices? I can’t see a setting for it, does it auto negotiate?

Is there anything I’m missing? I would understand if the baud rate was way wrong but it seems to work intermittently.

Baud rate in Bluetooth devices are negotiated automatically by the devices, so there is no setting for it in program code.