RealDash CAN XML Bits and Bytes

By default, the file format expects either bit values, as specified with units=“bit” or 8-bit or 16-bit values, (single or dual byte), correct?

If for instance, 3 bits are identified on the canbus for a paramter, is the best way to present the full 8 bit word in the XML to AND out the required bits, in this example B1,B2,B3 would be conversion=“V &14” to mask the desired result. I tried just specifying a three bit word instead but this did not seem to work.

In order to help, you need to show the code and explain in detail. RealDash XML supports any value from single bit to 64bit integers and floats.

Hi, below extract is from my RealDash CAN XML; this is the gear from the transmission. The gears are represented by bytes 1,2, and 3, however, I don’t know what sits behind bits 0,4,5,6, and 7, this could be warnings.

One way of protecting this value would be to add conversion=”V &14”

Alternatively, is below possible, I am sure I tried this permutation earlier and did not get result into the targetId.

Missing entries without html

value targetId=“139” startbit=“39” bitcount=“8” units=“None” endianess=“big” signed=“false” rangeMin=“None” rangeMax=“None” enum="96:1,98:2,100:3,102:4,104:5,#:err

value targetId=“139” startbit=“33” bitcount=“3” units=“None” endianess=“big” signed=“false” rangeMin=“None” rangeMax=“None” enum="1:1,2:2,4:3,5:4,6:5,#:err