Realdash cannot be installed on Linux

Hello everyone,

Rock5b, 8GB Ram
NMMe Samsung 970 Evo 256GB
A8 Modules Bluetooth Realtek RTL8852BE

Armbian Bookworm 23.11.1,
Kernel 5.10.110

Since reinstalling Armbian, RealDash can no longer be installed.
The packet manager simply closes when installing RD without any further information.

RealDash can now also no longer be installed on the previous operating system version (Armbian_23.5.0-trunk.181_Rock-5b_bookworm_legacy_5.10.110_xfce_desktop.img.xz).
The installation aborts without an error message…

When attempting to install via the terminal (as root) I get the message: “unable to locate package realdash-mrd_2.3.4-2_arm64.deb”

The same thing happens if I don’t log in as root…

  • Although the RD installation package is in Rock5b on the desktop. the path information in the terminal is correct. The access rights also match…

  • I can see the RD installation file on Rock5b, with its access rights in the terminal by entering “ls”.

  • I had previously downloaded the RD installation file realdash-mrd_2.3.4-2_arm64.deb onto a USB stick and then copied it to the desktop in Rock5b.

  • However, I had to change the OS very often and completely reinstall it due to driver problems on the Rock5b (no fan control, no WiFi / Bluetooth, browser installation not possible…).

RealDash can no longer be installed on the original OS version (Armbian_23.5.0-trunk.181_Rock-5b_bookworm_legacy_5.10.110_xfce_desktop.img.xz).
The installation aborts without any error messages…

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist upgrade
sudo apt install libopenal1 libvlc5 libssl1.1 espeak-ng sudo dpkg -i realdash-mrd_2.3.4-2_arm64.deb
sudo apt install libssl-dev
sudo apt --fix-broken install sudo dpkg -i --ignore-depends=libssl1.1

…I have already done all of them (in this order) with no result.

The error message "unable to locate package realdash-mrd_2.3.4-2_arm64.deb" remains the same when attempting to install RD…

When RD was still installed on Armbian_23.5.0, I noticed at some point that RD closed with the message “My RealDash Device count reached” when there was an Internet connection.

However, this only happened when there was an internet connection…
From my “normal PC” I was able to log in to my RealDash as normal with the same access data…

I downloaded realdash-mrd_2.3.4-2_arm64.deb again, the error remains the same.


  • Is there something like a “lock flag” somewhere that prevents RD from being reinstalled?

  • If so, how many new RD installations are possible before an installation lock is set?

  • Where can I see how many installation attempts are left for RD?

  • Interestingly, RD cannot be installed even if the installation file has been re-downloaded onto a USB stick - the OS has been completely reinstalled - and the Rock5b has no internet connection at all during the RD installation…

  • If I have been blocked from installing, I would like to ask you to unlock me so that I can carry out the RD installation!

I’m really at a loss now, and I’m asking for your help!

That message sounds like there is no such file on the directory you are giving commands at. I don’t know any other meaning for that.