Realdash can't find data AIN on TPS input in MaxxECU

Now AIN on TPS input I use it to measure fuel pressure in MaxxECU data comes up normally. But I tried looking in realdash and couldn’t find that data. I looked at debug data view can’t find.

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I’m sorry but I don’t fully understand. You have fuel pressure sensor wired to ECU TPS input and don’t see that on AIN? Are you using CAN or Bluetooth connection?


I have the same wishing to be added in realdash next version

I would need to have more information on what you mean. We have MaxxECU on our DEATHFISH 2 demo car, and fuel pressure reads just fine from incoming AIN value.

Basically this channel AIN belongs to TPS. MaxxECU can change this channel to use different sensors and I used this channel for fuel pressure sensor.
As for Realdash, I checked in Debug data view and it doesn’t show AIN on TPS or User AIN related to fuel pressure sensor. Also, when I looked in the edit input & values function, I only found User AIN 1-22 available.

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Just define it in the XML and create custom CAN address in Maxxecu.

Custom XML can be used unless Bluetooth connection to MaxxECU is used. That works completely different and cannot be customized that way.

Is this a case that you don’t use TPS at all? So what will RealDash show for a TPS value then, does that correspond to fuel pressure value. If it does, you can use input mapping to map Fuel Pressure from Throttle Position.

Based on my understanding, Maxxecu includes a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). However, I’m not entirely certain about the details. In my experience, the throttle position appears to function correctly in the RealDash application. Nevertheless, the Fuel Pressure reading isn’t visible because my tuner didn’t have any other options except to incorporate it into the TPS (Fuel Pressure Sensor). Thankfully, this is an editable feature, and we can also add oil pressure and fuel level readings to the TPS. It functions similarly to the AIN (Analog Input), but in Maxxecu, the TPS is distinct from the throttle position sensor and serves a different purpose.