RealDash CarPlay compatible

I am here to ask if that is possible to make RealDash CarPlay compatible in this time, it comes a new one iOS app that is CarPlay compatible.

They have tried and Apple refused to approve it. No doubt they will keep trying.

What I think would be better to do, and wouldn’t require any apple approval, is not to make RealDash to run inside CarPlay, but for RealDash and CarPlay to work with each other.

ok, could you expand more what you mean please?

On Android head unit I can play music via Car Play and run RD in the foreground, so that works ok.

My thought behind this is that RD would likely be used as a complete replacement of the instrument cluster and not necessary as supplemental gauges on a head unit. If you think about some of the newer cars that are out now that have some sort of digital dashboard and also has carplay, many times things like navigation instructions from carplay will be displayed on the dashboard, the same for music being played also shows on the dashboard, and there are some other features that are tied in like when the vehicle is low on fuel, carplay will search for the nearest gas station.

Apple have their own plans to take over the dash with carplay.

On almost aftermarket android radio you can use RealDash with no problems, but mine (i30 fastback 2021) is Linux base with closed system, android auto doesn’t make fullscreen, only two thirds of display, CarPlay have fullscreen with very clean and pop up colors, I had use a jailbreak iPhone 8 Plus with carbridge tweak and works flawlessly but now I have an 14 pro max as a main phone and would be good to make it work in official way, I wonder why some iOS app can be CarPlay compatible and RealDash not?!

I dunno. But to my experience, its complete waste of brain cycles trying to argue with them.