Realdash connection to vehicle with 3-pin obd2 socket k-line and l-line

I have an old car from 1999 Fiat Palio Sevel 1.6 engine, its obd2 connector has only 3 pins, k-line, L-line and GND, I bought two obd2 adapters, one elm 327 version 1.5, and the other is a VAG-adapter. KKL with the ch3-340 chip, but both were unable to connect with my car’s ECU, I would like to know which adapter is compatible with the k line and L line supported by realdash, if anyone can help me I would be very grateful and happy :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty new to this stuff myself, so the following info could be wrong; but I have been reading a lot on the subject as I recently got a 1998 Passat. Took me while to understand it doesn’t have an actual CAN bus, but uses the proprietary KW1281 protocol, and the k-line (also used for OBD2) and l-line. I can get info like speed, rpm, … displayed in RealDash using an OBD2 connection, using a cheap generic bluetooth adapter… Which is quite laggy, but I set it up that way for initial testing, assuming (wrongly, I guess) I could switch to CAN (over the OBD2 connector) later. Seems to me that in my car, some things are still communicated in an analog way, e.g. fuel level - but I’m not sure. I think VW switched to CAN in '99 or so.
For analog inputs this could be interesting : DashBox - SP Leinonen . Supported by Realdash, but I don’t know if it supports k-line .

What is and isn’t possible with k-line (/kw1281), for use in Realdash, isn’t clear to me yet, I asked on different forums about this protocol and suitable adapters but haven’t got any replies yet; in the mean time i did find out a lot more but it isn’t all clear to me yet.

I did a quick search and it seems the Fiat adapter/protocol are proprietary. Sourcing a good adapter will possibly take a lot of time, (re)searching on the internet, possibly building something. Maybe someone here has tips, I wish you good luck in any case.