RealDash control android system brightness

Can you add an action for RealDash to control the system screen brightness of android? The system I’m developing doesn’t have a hardware light sensor that is used in android and the screen brightness is controllable from android. I need a way to have RealDash control screen brightness from the canbus stream.

There is an input for Screen Brightness that can be used to adjust. It works on standard Android devices, but unfortunately some heavily hacked devices like headunits do to use standard Android screen brightness.

Are you talking about there is a target ID? Or where is the input for brightness?

Never mind, I found it and if I create a slider I can adjust the brightness from that slider.

Is there a way to setup the screen brightness as a target ID to write from canbus?

Of course, Screen Brightness targetId is 274, range 0-100.

This might be a bug, and I haven’t had a chance yet to test slowing down the update cycle, but with canbus sending the screen brightness ever 100 ms, even if there is no change, trying to adjust the screen brightness from the target I’d kinda freaks out and never actually adjusts the brightness.

100ms is definitely too fast, as changing brightness jumps thru all sort of OS loops. Try sending the frame only when brightness actually changes.