Realdash control app

I found an interesting idea for an app to control Realdash, it could be paired via bluetooth, and be able to make changes. Style of this dashboard that the brazilian is developing.

Good looking product :thumbs:

RealDash accomplishes this with ‘Data Multicast’ setting which allows you to create a network of RealDash instances that can share data between each other. Then you can have one instance that uses buttons to control others.

Yes, i know, but I cannot change the panel settings, enter the garage, change settings, change the dash, it would be interesting if it were possible to change the settings of the app via the cell phone via bluetooth

Great Idea !

This is indeed interesting. I’m thinking of maybe adding a ‘touchpad’ gauge, which touch events could be multicast to other instances in multicast network and use as remote control.

:open_mouth: COOL.

Thank you very much, it would help a lot for those who have the lcd screen installed in the car and who need to make some changes, without having to use a keyboard that is not intuitive.