RealDash crash when removing Imported Values

As the title states, I have found a bug that seems to be fairly repeatable where RealDash will crash/close unexpectedly when removing “Imported Values” from page 3 in the Units & Values menu.

I am in the process of writing my XML file and I’m still working out the best pid structure to use so I quite frequently need to remove the pids/values from the XML file I’ve imported and doing so will nearly always cause the program to crash.

The issue seems to be much worse using the Windows version but it also does this quite frequently with the Android version as well. While the program crashing is extremely annoying what is even more annoying is that when removing multiple items…if it crashes all the items I had removed will show back up when I restart the program. In order to prevent the old items from showing back up I have to return to the main dash after each item is removed and that seems to “save” what I’ve removed.

This isn’t a new issue but until now it hasn’t been something I couldn’t deal with, however now I need to remove nearly 100 imported items due to a major change I’ve made to my XML format and this crash is making it seem like a nearly impossible task.

I would be happy to provide a video demonstrating what I’m doing as well as the XML file I’m working on if you are unable to recreate this issue on your end.

I noticed this too but found if the CAN adapter is disconnected ot doesnt crash and I can remove my 285 imported values without issue.
Not sure if its the fix for you but works for me.


That makes sense, thanks for reporting.