RealDash crashing upon synch w/Raspberry Pi 4 Android 14

Running RD on a Raspberry Pi 4 w/Android 14. RD functions just fine until I attempt to sign on and download premium dashboards. Half the time I get the 400 error when attempting to login. After several attempts, I can get login working in which case it briefly flashes the screen that shows that it is synchronizing. It then immediately crashes the app. Upon reopen, it says “Welcome User X” and immediately crashes. For additional context, I had to subscribe to the annual plan since there is no Google Play Store support for this build, so it would appear it’s a synching issue. When I clear data/cache, the app launches, but I am logged out. Any thoughts welcome. Please bear with me since I’m new to all this.

Thanks for reporting. You are still seeing the “Thank you…” message?

400 Bad Request indicates that some of the sync messages from RealDash to MRD are ill formed. Only thing that comes to my mind to cause this is trying to sync a file which filename is somehow invalid. Some things you could try:

  • Update RealDash to latest version.
  • Remove all datalog files from your Android device
  • Remove all datalog files from MRD
  • Try syncing again.

Appreciate the reply. I actually rolled RD back to a previous version and the sync is now working as intended.

Hmm, ok. The latest version has a fix for 400 Bed Request message in login. If you have time, please send me an email to I would like to do some tests on your MRD account.