Realdash crashing VM when gps is used

I’m using Realdash in a windows 10 virtual machine with virtualbox.
I’m doing that because I want to use a specific screen resolution for dash developpement (1920x720) and with virtual box it’s easy with the command vboxmanage controlvm “machine name” setvideomodehint 1920 720 32

(while searching for solution, I found that you can set specific resolution to real dash in the settings so I think that will be a better way to do it. Anyway…)

When I open the MKV premium dashboard and click on left of the cluster to display the GPS, my virtual machine freeze completely! I can’t even send atl+ctrl+delete. I have to power cycle the virtual machine and start real dash again.

On the default dashboard, when I click on the map, it lags for 10 seconds and then it’s ok.
If I take the 720RD premium dashboard, same issue. Virtual machine freeze and I have to reboot it.
If I go to settings and select “Where is my car” the map partially open up and then everything freeze again.

Any idea what could be causing this? It’s clearly related to the map/gps

Try to add more processor cores to your virtual machine. I think this will happen in map graphics handling if ran on single core processor.

I tried with 2 cores and no success… Not sure what is going on.

But we can close this, I’m not using the screen resolution option instead now and do not need VM anymore.

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