Realdash discards the data

Which is why realdash erases data. even if I have taken backups then restoring them will not restore all the data. have I taken backups from the wrong places. ?

Can you advise the right backup for that

What do you mean by ‘erasing the data’? Please give more details.

That is, for some strange reason, RealDash rejects, for example: Contacts and Login Information.

When I make a backup, save it as, and Garage will take it.
So the return is not successful.

I was wondering if there is a problem with the user :slight_smile:

And another question

I’ve now built a dashboard over RealDash’s default Dashboard 2.0.
If you want to switch to another type of paid meter, I have to rebuild everything from scratch.

Sorry for the stupid questions, but as a beginner I like to ask if I have to hit a hard wall :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Are you using the translator? I’m sorry, but I cannot help you if I do not fully understand what you mean :frowning:

yes i use
because English is too bad

try it with your native language, maybe I can help for some, especially german :slight_smile: