RealDash freezes when using camera on rPi4

Been trying out realdash on lineage OS 18.1 on a Pi4. Generally a really nice solution (and works with my extra ultrawide - 3840x1100screen!)

This build can use UVC devices as a native rear camera device. It works fine in camera apps. When using with realdash everything loads and you see a few frames of the camera and then realdash freezes completely (OS/android is still responsive).

Guessing you are going to need some logs, but not sure if you are going to need logcat style ones? How can I help find the root cause?

Thanks as always for the hard work!

Thanks for reporting this problem. I will need to set up the similar system in order to troubleshoot this. As it happens, I’m currently working on Raspberry Pi, but in Linux. Let me see if I can run tests on Lineage.

Great! I’m using the lineage 18.1 from KonstaKang if you wanted to replicate.
Other than that it’s super stable and smooth with RealDash. It may well be the way the camera service is implemented in his build, as I know some other camera apps don’t like it. Still, it feels really close to working in Realdash as you get the first few frames with my UVC reverse camera…
If pi4 works well across linux/android it would be a great, easily available platform for highly integrated Realdash builds… Cheap, long term availability, GPIO, native ultrawide resolution support etc!

Do you mean support for 8:3 resolution out of the box on RPi4? exactly?

Even wider! - driving 3840x1100 14" 32:9 display. Haven’t found any other SBC that will do it in android. VIM3 would in Linux but not android (plus found that board would crash out realdash after a few hours in their android build)

Konsta just released lineage 19 and he’s using the new external cam API to deliver the camera as the old v1 hal is deprecated. It’s not working generally yet but maybe when it does that maybe helps RD also…

Jani, any luck trying this out on 18.1 or 19? I can get two cameras working in the app “USB camera” in 19 realdash is just not showing anything (but isn’t crashed). I tried logcat, but don’t seem to pick up anything relevant…

Not yet, I’m stuck on other projects. This is on my todo list though.